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"Kurpie" magazine


"Kurpie" magazine
"KURPIE" - Educational magazine of the UNION OF KURPIE
Publikacja / Aktualizacja: 14.11.2006.
Chief editors- is the first one in the whole history of this region and only so far a periodical publishing house concerning educational matters of the Kurpie region. The Main Board of the Union of Kurpie publishes it.

The first exemplar of "Kurpie" has been published in March 2002. Since then it has been publishing systematically as a richly illustrated bimonthly magazine.

The subject scope of the published magazine is wide rather considering its title and meaning of such notions as: regional education and small homelands. The readers of this magazine are inhabitants of our regions, schools' teachers, and people remembering about own Kurpie "roots" and who live in Poland or are scattered throughout the world.
We are proud that the "Kurpie" magazine is delivered to schools located in our region. Thanks to this fact teachers have an indispensable source of knowledge to carry out regional education among a young generation. At the same time the magazine has delivered to all educational centres in Poland that deal with ethnography as well as to all large libraries in Poland.

Broadening number of readers and superb reviews of the "Kurpie" magazine confirm its value and advisability of publishing house.

Iwona Choroszewska - Zysk
Editor chief

The address of the editorial office:
07-410 Ostroleka, ul. Swietokrzyska 2, Poland
Tel. +48 29 764 58 30
E-mail: redakcja@kurpie.org

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