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The Union of Kurpie today
Publikacja / Aktualizacja: 14.11.2006.
At present our Union has some hundred people, grouped in established branches both in the Kurpie region as well as beyond its borders: in Ostrołęka, Kadzidło, Lipniki, Zbójna, Zalas, Warsaw, Olsztyn, Szczytno, Rozogi and Mikołajki. There are also collective and supporting members, including eight communities in the terrain of the Green and White Forests in our region. There are many primary, secondary and high schools that belong to the Union of Kurpie.

The activity of the Union of Kurpie despite existing only seven years is very wide, and we as the association can be proud of our dynamic development. We arrange seminars for teachers dealing with regional education as well as scientific conferences. We publish books; arrange competitions connected with regional events that promote Kurpie people and the whole our region. We co-operate with self-governmental organisations, cultural institutions, schools, different associations as well as non-governmental organisations.

We as the association are main organisers of Kurpie Culture Days that have organised for a few years in Szczytno, Mikołajki and since 2003 in Warsaw, too.

The Union of Kurpie has elaborated and published on the basis of Władysław Skierkowski's priest manuscripts "the Kurpie Forest in songs" - three volumes of songs, customs and Kurpie ceremonies, a priceless work for our home region culture.

Since 2002 the President of the Main Board has granted the prizes "KURPIKI" for the inspiration of identity, preservation of regional heritage and work on universal development of the Kurpie region.

Since March 2002 the Union of Kurpie has been publishing bimonthly magazine entitled "Kurpie" which has stirred up a wide interest of teachers responsible for a regional education. In September 2003 the Union of Kurpie established the Kurpie Centre of Promotion, Art and Information.