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Objectives and tasks
Objectives and tasks of the Union of Kurpie
Publikacja / Aktualizacja: 13.11.2006.
Miroslaw GrzybThe association - Union of Kurpie has existed since 1996 and is the ideological continuator of the Green Forest Union established in 1919 by Adam Chętnik. The Union of Kurpie organizes people connected with the region of Green and White Forests who are born or live there, or else, and first of all, become fond of Kurpie land - their small homeland. Our association is as a regional one but having the world scope. The main board seat of the Union of Kurpie is located in Ostrołęka.

The purposes of the Union of Kurpie are among others:

a) Integration of Kurpie and people connected with the region - both living in the Kurpie region as well as those ones dispersed through Poland and the world.
b) The organic work with the object of achieving material and spiritual development of the Kurpie people, and inhabitants of this region.
c) Saving spiritual, material and cultural heritage of the Kurpie people, manifesting among others in folk art, ceremonies, dialect, songs, habits and customs.

In order to make possible the realisation of such important purposes, our association is and will be over political divisions. To the Union of Kurpie are and will be accepted people with different views. The activity programme of our Union is open and everybody, who would like to do something good for our Kurpie homeland, is able to find own place and will be welcome to the Union.

I cordially invite everybody to the co-operation with us.

Mirosław GRZYB
President of the Main Board